Monday, March 5, 2012

New Blog

Hello All! It has been many months since I updated this blog space. I have a new blog now that is directly connected to my website ( designed by my wonderful husband.

If you're still interested in my work please visit the new blog at

Some New Features:

*Sign up for email updates in the right hand column (or add it to your Google Reader, etc.).

*Sunday Morning Coffee is a weekly update of highlights from the week. Sometimes it is the only update, most of my energy is going towards my thesis right now.

*You can search this blog through tags, categories, or by using the search tab.

*There is a very easy to use comment section so we can have a discussion about your thoughts on what I post.

*The Body Project has its own submission page as well as a special tab to easily see updates!

Thank you so much for your continued support of my work through this blog. I have shared some wonderful experience on this blog and they were much more rich when I got to share them with you. Please email me is you have questions! I hope to see you over in my new space!



Friday, April 22, 2011

Back to Asia I Go!

Hello Blog Readers,

I hope that this message find you all very well. I have a new project that I am working on that I think you will enjoy being a part of.

1. I recently launched my first Kickstarter-"AnyBody Out There?" This summer I'm participating in a residency at Red Gate Gallery in Beijing, China and I'm going back to South Korea for research. Kickstarter is an online program that helps people raise money for creative projects. Each donation level has an award--for example for "AnyBody Out There?" you can get a limited edition artist book or various original paintings. To get any donation you must hit your goal but you can exceed your goal.

I hope you enjoy the video! My husband did an amazing job with it.

2. To go along with my research in China and South Korea, I have created a project about bodies. I have been collecting data and will eventually create art based on my findings. This summer I will have a card which asks people in their native language to describe their bodies. For now I am testing the idea through email, blogs like my sister's new blog, etc. If you would like to contribute send me this information:

- - - -

Please briefly describe your body:

Would you like to be named or anonymous?



- - - -

Thank you for your unending support!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

September Sketches

When we returned from our trip to America I brought back my favorite kind of sketch book. When it comes to drawing I am not a Moleskin fanatic. My best quick sketches come from square sketch books - they can be rectangular or square. Last month I set a goal to do at least two quick sketches every week. I have actually stuck to it. My sketch book has tagged along on every weekend adventure and it has gotten some attention.

I am doing this for many reasons. First of all, when I lived in Cortona I was graded on the sketch book I kept. The result of that exercise was countless memories from my time there. Despite the fact that I express myself visually, I am oblivious to the visual world. Unless I sit down and spend time with it it is lost on me. The other main reason I am doing this is to regain my drawing skills. I used to be good at drawing at I've lost that. Painting is an easy way to ignore drawing. Drawing is a fundamental. Without that structure any piece of art, realistic or abstract, is weak.

To hold myself accountable I will be sharing a few of these sketches on my blog. I hope you enjoy them!

Sept 28, 2009, Samcheok-si, South Korea

As you can see, this image is of two sketch merged together. Chad and I climbed the big hill in Samcheok one night to have a picnic. As he snapped pictures I drew the ship yard on the East Sea/Sea of Japan. I did a couple of quick sketches of the shipyard then settled into the one on the left. For better context I did the other sketch - I wanted to remember the contrast of the shipyard and the rolling coast. If you let your eyes wander to the left you can get a little bit of the vast feeling from the ocean.

While I was drawing there was a Korean man with me in the pagoda. He sat for a long time then got up and did a bunch of exercises for a good ten minutes. As he was preparing to go he came up to me and told me that he liked my camera case. My camera case is an old gift card bag from Anthropologie. He was pretty sweet, didn't speak a word of English. We said good-bye and then Chad arrived for the picnic.

September 5, 2009, Samcheok-si. South Korea, Beach

This is the view south up the coast towards Donghae. We go to Donghae for sandwich sized wheat bread. More than once we have seen huge ships going in and out of that port - once we even saw a submarine! This particular day was one of relaxing in the sand. We were surrounded by Koreans playing in the water. There was a group of Koreans there from a tour bus. They were very enamored with us and one even asked for a picture together. A a little while after he came back because he wasn't happy with the first picture. I held out my hand and said, "Mon won!" which means "Ten dollars!" Luckily, he laughed.

The next two sketches are from a bit further down the beach in the little cove you can see in the sketch above.

September 29, 2009, Samcheok-si, South Korea, Beach

I drew this on the day of our last cookout on the beach. Every other weekend or so we all go to the beach to grill. In this little grilling cove we are surrounded by rocks, the ocean, a bit of sand, barbed wire, and a military lookout point complete with a gun rest. These lookouts are scattered every kilometer or so along the coast.

September 29, 2009, Samcheok-si, South Korea, Beach

I didn't finish this sketch but I like it. Gareth and Chad were waiting for the grill to heat up while I sketched. As I started this drawing everyone else arrived. I love drawing figures. I have a long way to go to get back into shape but I still enjoy it.

Well, that is all you get to see from September. I have started using some graphite in October so next month will be very exciting!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Congratulations Edward!

Ed, you are the winner!  Congratulations!  Ed is a friend of mine from Indiana University, he just relocated to Chicago.  What a great way to shake hands with the community!  Just show up and your two tickets will be at the door under my name.  I'll let my contact know that you are the winner!  Have a blast!

Ramsey and Marilyn, thank you so much for signing up.  I hope you still try to make it out to the show.  Let me know if you do, friends of artists get $5 off.  If not you can still check the artwork out here.  

Sunday, September 20, 2009

FREE TICKET RAFFLE - Inspired Art Chicago

As promised, here is a way for you to go to Inspired Art Chicago for FREE!

I am raffling 2 tickets for the event. I can't go - it's a long flight from Korea - so, I want to send someone. Take pictures!

Please make a comment bellow before the end of the day on Sunday, September 27th, 2009, EST. Please make sure to include your name and last initial in the comment. On Monday I will use - an idea I got from Anne Leuk Feldhaus's blog - to randomly select the winner! If you re-post this blog post I will enter your name twice.

I will announce the winner on Monday, September 28th.


1. Make a comment on this blog post with your first name and last initial.
2. Enter before Sunday, September 27th, 2009, EST
3. If you re-post this offer let me know and your name will be entered twice.
4. Thursday, October 1st - South Halsted Gallery (1825 S Halsted) - 6-9PM

Pass it on!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Inspired Art Chicago - Cover Art & Tickets

The tickets are available for Inspired Art Chicago! Click here to buy your tickets for the event on Thursday, October 1, 2009!

Do you recognize the featured artwork? To read about that piece click here.

Check out my friend Maria Doering's piece that she is donating - "Colette".

You can view some of the other 40 artist's work on the Inspired Art Chicago website -

Check back here tomorrow for a way you can attend the event for free!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Where's Waldo?

Image from The Canvas Project at the Atlanta Airport, Art House Co-op

If you feel like being patient that me, the pictures from The Canvas Project in the Atlanta Airport are up! You can view them in the Art House Co-op's Flickr Account here. I was actually in the Atlanta Airport while this was up but I was buried deep within the international departure gates. If we had had more time it would have been fun to go and see.

If you happen to be in Atlanta you can go see!

If you'd like to search for one of my canvases but you can't remember them you can go back to my post about them.

- - - - -

On another note, my friend from UGA's Art School in Cortona, Italy, Maria Doering is participating in Inspired Art Chicago! She is incredibly talented, I can't wait to see what she comes up with. Check out her website, blog and etsy sites!